(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. chairperson, -man, or -woman, convenor, coordinator, moderator, speaker, master of ceremonies, MC, emcee, toastmaster, roastmaster (sl.); seat (See furniture); professorship, judgeship, fellowship. See director.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A single seat]
Syn. seat, stool, bench, armchair, place, room, space, throne, cathedra; see also bench 1 , couch , furniture , seat 1 .
Types of chairs include: stool, taboret, throne, faldstool, footstool, rocker, recliner, ottoman, wing chair, armchair, easy chair, wheel chair, highchair, roundabout; curule, bath, occasional, dining-room, desk, office, kitchen, lounge, beach, deck, lawn, period, portable, sedan, reclining, rocking, captain's, swivel, folding, bentwood, cane-seated, split-bottom; Duncan Phyfe, Hepplewhite, Breuer, Cromwell, Windsor, Morris, Queen Anne, X-legged Barcelona, Eames, S-squared Tugend hat, S-curved Brno.
2. [A position of authority]
Syn. seat, chairmanship, directorship, headship, throne, bench, position, endowed chair, professorship, tutorage, instructorship, readership, professorate, fellowship, tutorship; see also authority 3 .
3. [A person who presides]
Syn. chairman, chairwoman, chairperson, president, director, head, presiding officer, presider, administrator, toastmaster, speaker, moderator, prolocutor, monitor, leader, principal, captain, master of ceremonies, MC, emcee*; see also administrator .
4. [A death sentence; usually used with the]
Syn. execution, electric chair, electrocution, death chair, hot seat*, hot squat*, a burning*, Sing Sing siesta*; see also execution 2 .
take the chair,
Syn. chair, preside, act as chair, moderate; see manage 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
1. seat stool, bench, rocker, easy chair, straight-backed chair.
armless, leather-made, with steel frame: Barcelona chair
bench: settee, settle
folding canvas chair: director’s chair
high-backed with side wings: wing chair
king’s: throne
reclining: recliner
sling, canvas: butterfly chair, sling chair
spindle-backed, wooden: Windsor chair
suspended on poles and carried: sedan
tabletopped arm for writing, chair with: tablet chair
wicker, with rounded back: basket chair
see couch
2. seat of authority office, appointment, fellowship.

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